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The Guide (legacy application)

An Online Template for Developing Goal-based Water Conservation Plans.  (New users, please use the On-Line EZ Guide application)

The Guide was designed to assist public water suppliers in developing goal-based water conservation plans adapted to their individual Utility Profiles. The Guide also assists suppliers in monitoring plan implementation and in reporting water conservation results to the relevant water management district.

The goal setting process involves evaluation of the potential water savings based on a detailed utility profile, takes full advantage of conservation opportunities, focuses on the areas of most effective water savings, and results in the sum of the anticipated gallons saved through the implementation of feasible and cost-effective conservation measures and best management practices. For each utility, the result can be expressed as gallons saved, percent reduction, or gallons per capita per day.

The Guide is based on achieving genuine water savings rather than implementing a fixed list of particular water conservation measures or best management practices.

The Guide is hosted by the Conserve Florida Clearinghouse, managed by the University of Florida under contract with the sponsoring organizations.

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