Conserve Florida Water Clearinghouse

EZ Guide Now Available!

A simplified water conservation planning tool

The EZ Guide is a tool designed to facilitate users in the area of water conservation to develop comprehensive water conservation plans. The calculations performed by this software are consistent with the methodologies and calculations performed by the master Guide. In addition to being inclusive of the Guide?s methodologies and calculations the EZ Guide has additional calculations that enhance its ability to function as a water conservation tool. One such enhancement is the inclusion of a background replacement rate for BMP implementation. The inclusion of graphical output summaries is also convenient in assisting the users with the decision making process.

The element of ease implied by the name of the software (EZ Guide) does not pertain to the complexity of its calculations but rather to the number of inputs, the way inputs are made and the types of inputs. Users will enter aggregate data in order to perform analyses. All inputs are user defined and there are no requirements for explanations of inputs. Additionally, input information not used in calculations is condensed and displayed in tabular formats. The Clearinghouse has put together a manual to assist utilities with using the EZ Guide. This manual incorporates one example from the ABC case study.

The EZ Guide is hosted by the Conserve Florida Clearinghouse, managed by the University of Florida under contract with the sponsoring organizations.