Conserve Florida Water Clearinghouse

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Mission: The mission of the Conserve Florida Water Clearinghouse is to develop collaborative relationships with related programs, and to collect, analyze, and make available reliable information and technical assistance to public water supply utilities and water managers for use in developing effective and efficient water conservation programs.

EZ Guide Announcement

EZ Guide Online Availability

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Funding for the Conserve Florida Clearinghouse and the EZ Guide Online application from FDEP and associated sources was discontinued as of June 30, 2014. Public availability of the existing EZ Guide Online application has been discontinued as of that date. Any interest in using the EZ Guide Online should be directed to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  It is anticipated that continued development and support of the EZ Guide application and methodology will occur through the University of Florida and other entities.

Inquiries regarding the EZ Guide Online application should be directed to the contacts below.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Ryan Matthews
Office of Water Policy Florida Department of Environmental Protection
3900 Commonwealth Blvd., MS 46
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000
(850) 245-3150 (office phone)

University of Florida (for technical and research-related inquiries)
Dr. James P. Heaney
University of Florida
P.O. Box 116450 Gainesville, FL 32611-6450
(352) 392-7344 (phone)
(352) 392-3076 (fax)

EZ Guide Announcement

EZ Guide Online Policy Change


The Conserve Florida Clearinghouse implements a privacy policy that prohibits other users from accessing utility generated EZ Guide profiles without the permission of the utility that created the profile. This policy will remain in place. In the past, this policy has been extended to require utility permission to access non-confidential profiles created by the Clearinghouse, or for a Water Management District or similar user to create a utility profile for their own purposes. At the direction of the FDEP contract manager, this part of the policy is rescinded. The purpose of this change is to improve statewide water conservation planning by making it easier for state water managers and their consultants to use the EZ Guide to analyze conservation potential using publicly available utility information.


Breaking News

Governor Perry Signs Landmark Water Legislation in Texas $2 Billion Water Fund Bill - Allots 20% for Water Conservation and Reuse Source: Alliance for Water Efficiency


Texas marked a milestone in water stewardship and conservation policy as Gov. Rick Perry signed House Bill 4, which lays the foundation for meeting Texas' water future. HB 4 provides for active, full-time governance at the Texas Water Development Board; creates a new funding mechanism to support water-supply project implementation over the next 50 years; and directs local, regional and state officials to prioritize projects to ensure efficient use of available resources.

The bill earmarks 20% for conservation and reuse projects for municipal and agricultural water use. It is the largest dedicated conservation and reuse project funding in any state to date.

Texas voters will be asked to approve in November moving $2 billion in money from the rainy day fund to invest in these water projects.